Neptune’s entire fund range is managed using the same central process. We believe that in an increasingly globalised world, equities should be viewed at an industry or sector level, rather than taking a more traditional regional or benchmark-driven approach.

There are four key attributes that combine to create our investment proposition:

Global view

Our investment process starts with a global view. While many fund managers split the world into regions before starting their company research, we first look at the prospects of different industries globally. This approach recognises the importance of globalisation and helps us to identify companies that can benefit from changes in their industries that often transcend national borders.

Active management

Neptune takes an ‘active management’ approach. Not only do we constantly review fund positioning according to our global view, we also feel no obligation to hold certain stocks just because the ‘market’ thinks they are important. We recognise that fund performance is generated not just by the stocks held but also the decision to exclude others that subsequently perform poorly. Being able to back the winners and avoid the losers is a key advantage of active management.

High conviction

Because we undertake all of our own primary research we have very high conviction in our investment decisions. While diversification is important, we believe that holding too many stocks can undermine potential returns. Many competitor funds hold more than a hundred stocks, but our funds typically contain between thirty and fifty and we have total confidence in the investment case for each.

Specialist focus

We focus exclusively on fund management, without the distraction of running a broader financial services business. And with over 75% of Neptune being owned by its directors and employees, there is no corporate back or large external shareholder dictating company strategy. Our business decisions are taken by the teams running the company as we strive to constantly improve the service we provide to our fund investors.